Stockbridge Business Association History

In the mid 1970’s, the Community Development Citizens’ Committee (CDCC) recognized the serious problems that the neighborhood business districts were having. Upon recommendations from the CDCC, the City Commission voted to allocate $30,000 in funds specifically for the Stockbridge area. The funds became available in 1979. At the same time, a community organizer from the John Ball Park Neighborhood Association (JBPNA) surveyed the business district. In fall of 1979, a committee was formed and tasked with using the survey to identify the best use of the allocated funds.

Members from JBPNA, the West Central Business Association (WCBA), and the City ramped up efforts in 1981 to develop a plan for the Stockbridge area. Plans were drawn up, estimates for implementation were prepared and the Stockbridge Business Area Plan was published by the City’s Planning Department in 1983. Since this time, the Stockbridge Business Association has been working with the surrounding community to enhance their business district.


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