There are  many benefits to aligning with your fellow business owners within your local business district, but we understand there are organizations competing for your dollars every day.  We believe the value you'll receive will deliver a far greater return on your investment than the amount required for membership.  The following is a list of some of the value you can expect:


An organization comprised of your peers, here to support your initiatives, navigate permitting, or cut through the red tape while doing business in the Stockbridge Business District.


We’re working together to create events and promotions to drive business to our growing district. Members can leverage these events, in turn driving revenue for their business.


The SBA has a strong and vibrant social presence online to facilitate a 24/7 connection with members of our online and offline communities.  This is a strong platform for you to communicate with fans of the Stockbridge Business District at one time, instead of one by one.


The SBA sponsors events where members can share their expertise with fellow members.  Whether you're looking for an opportunity to learn what programs exist within a financial institution to help you grow your business ... or you happen to be a social media expert and you'd like to share your knowledge.  The SBA facilitates these events to make it easy for our members to help fellow members.


The SBA creates opportunities for members to connect and work with the neighborhood organizations to promote a healthy relationship between the residents and businesses.


Each new member has the opportunity to offer a special discount for fellow members.  This provides an incentive to experience fellow member's establishments and refer future business.